Laura Henry

As a young child, Laura’s writing was her avenue of escape. It was a way to let out what she was feeling. It also allowed her to embrace her creative side. Since then, she always knew writing was going to be a big part of her life.

She hadn’t returned to her creativity again for another twenty-five years. After completing her higher education in finance, she was searching for something else to pique her interest, perhaps another certification. Then, someone said to her, life is too short and what will yet another finance certification do for you? At some point, having more will give you less. What is it you are passionate about? Go after that. You did the hard work. Now it is time to do the thing that pleases you.

So, she picked up the pen again and started to write. She wrote fitness articles for a fitness professionals site, as well as health and fitness articles for a public forum for the fitness enthusiast.

She always knew she would write fiction, as the characters were with her at a very young age. Their voices had to evolve first before she could tell their stories. That time has come, and they are expressing themselves on the pages of her current creation.

Writing has always been a part of who she is.  She just didn’t realize how much. She will never put down the pen now. It has given her far too much freedom.