Starlight on Snowfall

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Starlight on Snowfall: Meet the Characters!


In Starlight on Snowfall, art gallery owner Kathy struggles with balancing the grand opening of her new gallery and childhood trauma that surfaces when her old boyfriend comes to town to help her with the art displays.

Many have suffered childhood trauma and can relate to Kathy.  But she never knew the reason why these awful things happened to her.  Just when she is getting a handle on her life, she discovers her family secret and it leaves her wondering about her own self-worth and her ability to handle her past.


Dane, Kathy’s assistant, lost her sense of self when her husband, Keith died of a heart attack and she stopped painting.  Now a recluse, she struggles with the feelings she starts to have for Ken.  As her feelings grow for Ken, and she becomes more confident in herself, she picks up the paintbrush again and starts to paint.

Kathy and Dane can’t be more different.  Kathy struggles to let herself relax and enjoy life while Dane sees Kathy as all business and professional, and Dane vows never to be like that.  The two lives balance each other as Kathy starts to come to terms with her abuse and add a personal side to her life.  Dane realizes there is more to life than being stuck in her past, and focuses on moving forward with her painting again.

Through compassion of self and others, one can truly heal and not just become a survivor, but one who thrives, even in the worst of circumstances.  Until healing really begins, we are in a holding state of life, and mechanically work our way through every day.  Once healing begins, we are able to move forward and find the beauty in ourselves and the life we choose to live going forward.

Starlight on Snowfall released on May 22nd!